About Thomas - Thomas Starlit

I shoot people! Not with a gun but with a camera. Of course. For me, the most important part of my photography is the people I shoot. I enjoy meeting new people, and working with them for the purpose of getting some of the best pictures that have ever been taken of them. That is what I strive for. The pictures should be the best ever taken of that person. You.

For me, photography has been a life-long interest of mine, and as I have grown older I have learned that the technology of photography is just a part of the equation. Of course it is important to have a great camera and other equipment, but just like a great stove doesn't make incredible food on its own, neither does a superb camera take brilliant photos by itself. The people in the pictures are much more important than the camera being pointed at them. You are interesting as a subject, and you should get the attention and connection that it takes to get those pictures. Otherwise, they will not be the best pictures ever taken of you. And that's what I strive for, right? They should be the best pictures ever taken of you. Or your family. Or your uncle. I am sure you get the picture.


I was born and raised in Denmark, Scandinavia. So my ways of thinking and visualising photography is very much influenced by Scandinavian ideals of simplicity, authenticity and timelessness. In a world of Photoshop and easy access to Instagram filters, I work hard to capture images that are genuine in the sense that I want people in my pictures to look the best possible, but also real. Images should be interesting and visually stimulating but also genuine and true to the persons in the images, so we can recognize them and relate to them. So our children will look at the pictures many years from now and see us as we were.

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